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At DCC, we believe that personal and spiritual growth happens best when you are connected and in community with other people chasing after a better way to live too. Grouplink is an open house style environment that allows you to check out all the different groups and serve teams at DCC. You get to meet the leaders, ask questions, and get signed up. The ultimate goal is everyone doing life together in a tight knit "Life" group for 18-24 months. Not everyone is ready to take that steps so we have a myriad of other options. They key is that everyone can take their personal Next Steps. So maybe an "Open" group where you attend when your schedule allows is for you. Or a "Short-Term" group focused on a particular study or topic for 8-12 weeks. If those do not sound appealing, maybe you'd like to join one of our "Serve" teams and build community while accomplishing a mission. Or maybe you just want some more info on the Men's, Women's, or Military Communities . Regardless, just come check it out and take a next step.

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  • August 27
    6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
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