Men's Bacon

Mens bacon

Bacon, Bacon, Bacon and more Bacon with a side of Bacon !!!

Who doesn't love Bacon?

Bring 1lb of cooked Bacon with you, smoked Bacon, thick Bacon, thin Bacon, Irish Whiskey Bacon, Chicken Fried bacon, Chocolate covered Bacon....who cares, as long as it's bacon. We will throw in a few Pancakes with a side of syrup in the mix in hopes that the syrup drips onto the Bacon, accidentally of course, or make a Bacon Sandwich.

The possibilities are endless.....think about it.

  • $5Standard
  • $5Event Volunteer
  • $5Connector
  • $5Videographer
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Event Details

  • November 18
    8:30 am - 10:30 am